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SOLC 31 Of 31 – Finale?

Today I have been debating with myself whether or not to continue blogging even after this challenge is over. Even though it’s hard to think about topics to write about, this challenge has helped me become a better, descriptive writer without me even knowing it. I’ve actually had a change of mind and I actually like this “project”. This is definitely not the end of this blog.

SOLC 30 of 31 – Nervous Wreck

Have you ever had that feeling of nervousness? The feeling of your heart trying to pump its way out of your chest, your hands feeling like the could sweat puddles, and shaking as if your skeletal system has left you. When you feel as if the world is watching you and doom is right in front of you. Well I feel that very often….what can I say, I’m a nervous wreck.


SOLC 28 of 31 – Stress

With being in school school activities there comes great responsibility. And stress. I’m not saying that I don’t like being in all the activities, I do, but the stress that comes with it is tremendous. My usual day consists of waking up very early, going to track practice, school, and after school activities. I just think that its my time management.


SOLC 27 of 31 – Gummy Bears

Ahhh Gummy Bears….The delicious, chewy candy was the highlight of my day. Since yesterday was my birthday, I was given various birthday presents from my friend, one being the Gummy bears. I am literally a Gummy bear fanatic and anytime I see a bag, I just have to have one. I savored the wondrous candy and I was great for the rest of the day. (P.S. I got a sugar rush afterwards)


SOLC 26 of 31 – Traveling

I have always wanted to travel to one particular place. It has no sentimental value to me and many times people wonder why I would want to go there? What’s so special about New York anyway? Well for starters you can make any place special it you put your heart into it and that is what I plan on doing with New York. What people see as busy crowded streets, I see as a world full of meeting new people and running into old. What people think of as annoying and loud, I think of relaxing noise, helping my thoughts. What people see as industry and machines, I see a miniature world full of wonderful possibilities.

SOLC 25 of 31 – My Thinking Place

Many people have different places or different times during the day when they think well. For example, I think at my best while in the car. The soft him of the vehicle helps transport my mind to different places and to brainstorm new and creative ideas. The scenery outside of the car also helps a lot and I just feel so peaceful going along the road, just enjoying the view.

SOLC 24 of 31 – Heroes

When you hear the word hero, what do you automatically think of? Do you think of Batman or Superman or The Flash? Yes, they are spectacular heroes…in comics. If someone were to ask me, I would obviously say Batman, but when it comes to real life I would have to say it would have to be my older brother. I know it sounds cheesy but its true. He actually gets me and understands what I’m trying to say when I say it. He always listens when I need him to and never puts me down. Who is your hero?

SOLC 22 of 31 – Reflecting

As many of my classmates know, yesterday the band went to Pre – UIL. It was a very nerve wrecking experience at first but once we got used to the stage and playing out to the public, we did a pretty good job. Today in class we reflected on our performance by listening to the judges comments and critiques. I know that there is still a lot of room for improvement and the comments really helped a lot.

SOLC 23 of 31 – Goals

“Okay students, now get out your homework from yesterday. Today we will be learning about…” As my teacher droned on about the subject, I zoned out and started thinking about my goals. Not just the generic what do you want to do as a career, but what do you want to accomplish today? What do you want to do before you end the day and go to bed? Today I want to be the best me. I want to raise my grades in math, do a full turn on my skateboard, learn how to play a C Major cord on my guitar. It doesn’t matter if it’s the small things, because in the end the small things make up all the difference.